About Us

Welcome to Whiteheads Online Shop


“Our promise is to provide quality gifts for you and your family that will stand the test of time.”



Whiteheads Online Shop is a family-owned and operated retailer headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia. Our genesis began in late 2021 when we gathered our footing to break ground as an emerging business, and it’s been an exciting journey for our team and customers ever since.

Initially, we decided to share our products locally within the borders of Australia. But we quickly saw an opportunity to go global by moving our warehouse online. Connecting with others has remained one of our goals from the start, and now, we feel privileged to share our unique, high-quality, low-cost goods with millions of people.


From clothing to fitness, garden goods to home supplies, we house a little something for everyone. If you’re wondering how we can sustain a high-quality, low-cost retail model, it is by partnering with manufacturers to ship directly to your doorstep. This process means we keep prices low for everyone- especially for you!

We are passionate about making your life better through high-quality merchandise, exceptional value, and personal customer service. Our hope at Whiteheads Online Shop is to put a smile on your face at the end of the day, and we do so by following six pillars for success.


Our Six Brand Pillars

Everything we do at Whiteheads is based on these six guiding principles.



Beyond fostering a brand culture based on respect, we strive to earn your respect every day.


Passion fuels our purpose, keeps us motivated, and ensures we stay true to our mission.


Our actions, decisions, and policies are based on fostering trust and integrity.


We maintain a responsibility to our customers and to do good for our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Your satisfaction keeps us going, and we aim to meet and exceed your expectations.

Family First

We strive to encourage a family-first attitude by selecting products the everyday family can enjoy.


A Message From Our Founder

Anthony Whitehead

Thank you for taking the time to explore, experience, and enjoy the Whiteheads Online Shop.

In such uncertain times, I understand that things don’t always go according to plan, but I’m here to help and resolve any problems as they arise.

You are the #1 priority, and I’ll do everything in my power to treat you as such- from quick product delivery to white-glove customer service.

A smile on your face is a job well-done for my team and me.

Thanks for being part of the Whitehead family,

Founder and Team