GZKITCHEN Electric Pasta Maker Stainless Steel Lasagne Spaghetti Maker

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GZKITCHEN Electric Pasta Maker Stainless Steel Lasagne Spaghetti Maker

Products Description
1. Model: IT-FKM3
2. Material: stainless steel
3. Power: 135W
4.Voltage: 220V/50Hz
5. Pressure surface capacity: 5kg / h
6.Three Cutters:2.5mm and 4mm ,9mm Cutter
7. Size: 25*25*23.5cm
8. Net weight: 7.5kg
9. Packing size: 33*30*29mm
Use For: Restaurant/Hotel/Home

Pressure dough thickness adjuster :

9 files (the smaller the number, the thicker the skin. The 9 types of skin are about 2.5mm-9mm thick and 145mm wide)

Pressing/cutting function switch:

1st gear: pressing dough ; 2nd gear: cutting dough


Turn on the power and turn on the power button. The pressure Dough /cutting Dough function switch is adjusted to the first gear,
the dough is placed at the pressure Dough inlet, and the pressure gauge thickness adjuster is adjusted to the appropriate gear
position, and the thin dough and the thick dough are pressed according to the demand. Adjust the pressure/cut function switch to
2nd gear, place the dough on the fine noodle or wide noodle, and make noodles of different thickness as needed.

How long your noodles are is up to you. When you "roll out" the dough through the rollers, then dial up the numbers until you get
the thiness you need. The dough will get longer as you roll it out, so just cut the dough to the length you'd like.

Cleaning Notice :

The machine can not be washed, the machine itself is Non-slip, and the internal transmission parts are not rust-proof. After using
it, use a brush to clean it and wipe it is ok !
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