NOEBY JG1500L/R Sea Water Trolling Slow Jigging Ocean Full Metal Reel

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Hard alloy copper CNC gear,long-lasting and running smoothly

Integrated aviation aluminum main structure,effective heat forging,never deform

6 times oxidize and polish on the surface,smooth and corrosion-resistant

8+1 sealed stainless steel Ball Bearing

Ergonomics powerful EVA knob, cosy grip and easy to cooperate

Japanese Huaerqia refractory carbon & rubber composite material drag washer ensure stable breaking

Detailed Images
1.Insert six precision bearing, the comfort of human body engineering rocker arm, folding design portable pumps are interchangeable acupoint, convenient tear open outfit, metal alloy wheel head, discharge power, before reactionary part adopts the stability of the connecting rod.Transmission connection part with screw locking, parts fall off of the concerns.Several stepless braking, double-color perforated aluminium wire wheel.Black body
2.Right/lef interchangeable handle
3.Graphite one touch handle
4.Fashionable front drag design
5.Well-designed brass pinion gear